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Coconut Curry Slow Cooker Turkey Roast

Prep Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 6 hours 4-6 servings

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1 Granny’s Slow Cooker Turkey Roast
2 tbsp | 30 ml butter
3 cups | 750 ml onion, sliced
1 tbsp | 15 ml garlic, finely chopped
2 tbsps | 30 ml ginger, finely chopped
2 tsp | 10 ml ground cumin
2 tsp | 10 ml ground coriander seed
1 tsp | 5 ml crushed red chillies
1/4 tsp | 1.25 ml cloves, ground
1/4 tsp | 1.25 ml cinnamon, ground
1/2 tsp | 2.5 ml salt
1 13.5 oz (400 ml) can coconut milk
1 tsp | 5 ml turmeric


Heat butter over low-medium heat in a heavy bottomed pot and brown onions slowly, stirring until they turn golden brown.
Add garlic, ginger, ground cumin, ground coriander seed, red chillies, cloves, cinnamon and salt. Continue stirring for 5 minutes.
Add coconut milk to mixture. Stir and simmer for 5 minutes.
Place turkey roast in slow cooker. Cover with sauce and sprinkle turmeric over top.
Cook on low setting for a minimum of 6.5 hours then set slow cooker to warm. When finished, set slow cooker to warm.
Remove roast and cover with foil to keep warm.
Using a ladle or large spoon skim froth from the mixture and discard (approx. ¼ cup).
Place sauce in a blender and puree.
Serve with sliced roast.

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