About Us

Our success is bound by the relationships we nurture.


Granny’s Poultry is one of Canada’s last remaining farmer-owned poultry cooperatives, having been owned by farmers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for over 50 years.

Farming is close to our hearts because many of us were raised on the farm, instilled with Granny’s values of quality, expertise and respect for our flocks.

Although we are the largest poultry producer in the province, producing 48 million kilograms of chicken and turkey annually, Granny’s always puts people and poultry first and above profits. It gives our 185 farmer-owners and 490 employees great pride to live by these words daily, knowing that the cooperative spirit that holds us together will sustain Granny’s future for generations to come.

The Cooperative Spirit

Our cooperative was originally formed by a small group of farmers who sought consistent high quality and fair pricing for their locally-raised poultry.

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By working together, the farmers were able to pool resources, support their businesses and more effectively market their chicken and turkey. The cooperative helped ensure that local assets could be built and shared while more profits could be kept inside the community.

Just as our founders wanted, Granny’s continues to be guided by the cooperative spirit and offers a supportive, honourable, transparent and trusted business environment. We strive to balance the need for profitability with the needs of members and the wider interests of the community. This includes providing support to local non-profit organizations based on Granny’s pillars of giving: Health, Hunger and Hope.


For Granny’s, quality begins at our breeding farms and continues at our hatchery, where meticulous egg screening and optimum hatching conditions ensure the best possible start to a healthy flock.

Because a carefully selected egg becomes a healthy bird and a healthy bird is raised by a conscientious farmer, we work closely with egg producers and poultry farmers to enhance the quality control process at every stage. These high standards are strictly maintained at our HAACP-certified processing facility, which has outstanding quality assurance and follows industry-regulated guidelines set out by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

In addition, Granny’s is certified under the Safe Food Quality – SFQ2000 system, a level 3 benchmarked and accepted standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). This is one of the highest ratings for food safety in North America.

Thanks to the commitment of Granny’s producers and employees, you can be sure that you are serving your family the finest poultry product possible.