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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Prep Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 45 minutes 6-8 servings

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3 lbs | 1.5 kg Granny's Chicken Breast, Legs or Thighs


2 tbsp | 30 ml vegetable oil
3 tbsp | 45 ml garlic, chopped
2 tbsp | 30 ml ginger, chopped
3 bunches green onion, chopped
2-4 hot chili peppers, chopped
2 bay leaves
1/4 cup | 65 ml dark rum
2 tbsp | 30 ml fresh lime juice
1 tbsp | 15 ml salt
2 tsp | 10 ml ground allspice
1 tbsp | 15 ml fresh thyme


Add all marinade ingredients to a food processor and pulse until just finely chopped.
Prick the chicken pieces with the point of a knife and then rub with jerk marinade.
Cover and refrigerate for 4-24 hours.
Cook marinated chicken pieces slowly over medium heat (350°F | 175°C) on an oiled grill for 45 minutes, turning once after 20 minutes.
The turkey is cooked when the internal temperature reaches 170°F (77°C)

Cooking Tip: Cooking over hardwood charcoal or adding wood chips to a gas grill will produce the most authentic 'jerk' flavour. Additionally, for an extra hot marinade use Habanero or Scotch Bonnet chilies. For a milder version use jalapeño chilies.

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